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At the end of 2023, Boeing has indicated that it is shifting its research priorities from aerospace sphere to big data. The company will dedicate more than 80% of its grants to this. At the heart of […]

According to new data from Avery Dennison, more than half of Generation Z shoppers prefer self-service checkouts and kiosks. In fact, one-third of young shoppers admitted to shoplifting while paying at self-service checkout counters. According to a […]

Rite Aid, the company that used facial recognition technology to catch shoplifters, has been banned from using the technology for 5 years in response to a settlement of a complaint by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). […]

Artificial intelligence is being actively implemented in virtually every aspect of life and business. Specifically, its performance and effectiveness is being tested in the retail industry, where, in conjunction with traditional anti-theft measures, it is designed to […]

The UK has been hit by a wave of robberies at retail stores. The Guardian cites several stories from shopkeepers whose outlets have been hit hardest by theft. The rise in shoplifting comes amid the cost of […]

According to Retail Gazette, the number of incidents of physical assaults on sales clerks at British grocery chain Tesco has risen by a third since 2022. According to the company’s CEO Ken Murphy, the company is considering […]

Shoplifting: how serious is the problem? Theft is estimated to cost the entire Australian industry hundreds of millions of dollars each year, with major supermarkets reporting significant spikes over the past year. Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies […]

Owners of retail chains in the USA, Europe and Australia are sounding the alarm. The growth in theft has exceeded the pre-pandemic figures (after some suspension of the lockdowns), and is provoked by inflation and rising prices, […]

8 stores with self-service cash registers will be closed within a month in several U.S. cities. The stores without salespeople are equipped with expensive high-tech equipment and are unprofitable. In order to optimize its portfolio, the company […]

In one of ECR Retail Loss Group‘s large surveys on the development of video technologies in retail, experts paid special attention to the economic and practical justification of their use in the work of retailers. Respondents (owners, […]