8 stores with self-service cash registers will be closed within a month in several U.S. cities. The stores without salespeople are equipped with expensive high-tech equipment and are unprofitable. In order to optimize its portfolio, the company is not only closing the existing ones, but also freezing the opening of new Amazon Go outlets, writes Retail Detail.

It is obvious that such actions of the company reflect the tendency to curtail or significantly change the format of cashless stores, revise financial and technological investments in them.

In the last few months, reports about the increase in the number of thefts, especially from self-service cash registers, have appeared in the media on a fairly regular basis. Experts attribute this to the decline in household incomes and rising product prices. A comprehensive approach to business security in such conditions is necessary, using both software products and services, as well as competently organized work of sales floor personnel and security guards. Having studied the experience of retail players and current trends in the market, IT and security specialists of the company «42» prepare such a complex solution that will allow businesses to reduce both security costs and losses from theft.